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Something Old, Something New

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This mash up of footage filmed by UWA Communications students with audio extracted from an original 1940s vocational education film, cleverly combines old and new to ask the question: Despite the ongoing discourse caused by the influence of technology and new media on the changing face of journalism, has the activity really changed that much?

There is no denying that the internet has had dramatic impact on traditional print media world wide. However, what one can conclude from looking back over the history of the media, is that techniques are constantly evolving but the underlying principles keep coming back to the same theme, that is people bonding over the search for truthful information. Seen in this light, the professional journalism function is not fundamentally changed by the digital age. If anything, the rise of infotainment on television and the ability for anyone and everyone to publish opinion as fact  on the internet seem to make professional print journalists more relevant to ensure the informative function of the media is upheld. From this perspective, it is a matter of evolution, not extinction. We are not witnessing the death of traditional mediums, but are rather seeing the adjustments journalists are having to make in response to new mediums like the internet. Perhaps in the end journalism simply means carrying on and amplifying conversation of people themselves (Kovach & Rosenstiel2007, p12 ). So long as the modern print media continues in this role they shall never become obsolete and will continue to find a willing and substantial readership.


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